2020 History

January 9 – Pinole (One week late because of Holiday furloughs)

February 6 – Pittsburg

March 5 - Danville

April 2 – Beginning in April 2020 meetings were held via video conferencing due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions on in-person gatherings.


Meetings continue via video conferencing through at least September at which time the special State regulations allowing public meetings to proceed via teleconferencing are scheduled to expire.

In person meetings will resume according to the following schedule starting in October unless State changes rules.

Realizing that this schedule may cause some problems for cities in arranging meeting locations and catering or restaurant options, especially early in the rotation, we remind cities that they may trade dates by mutual agreement among themselves. As we learn of such trades, we will incorporate them into the schedule and share this information with all cities.

October 7 - To Be Determined if meetings are resumed at this time.

November 4 – Clayton (Currently scheduled, but may change.)

December 2 – Orinda. Holiday meeting, no program (Currently scheduled, but may change.)


January 6 – Walnut Creek

February 3 – Richmond

March 3 – Concord

April 7 – San Ramon

May 5 – Oakley

June 2 – Lafayette

July 7 – Moraga

August 4 – Pleasant Hill

September 1 - Brentwood

October 6 – San Pablo

November 3 - Antioch

December 1 – El Cerrito. Holiday meeting, no program.

Finally, we note that this schedule assumes that we will not have to reschedule any of Conference meetings due to League of California conferences or other conflicting meeting dates that may subsequently be scheduled. If we learn of any such conflicts, we will adapt the schedule to accommodate these needs.

Updated: 07/26/2021