AND MAYORS CONFERENCE as of December 22, 2022

City Selection Committee Appointments Term Expiration

Local Agency Formation Commission

Gabriel Quinto, El Cerrito 4 years 05/04/24

Scott Perkins, SanRamon 4 years 05/04/23

Alternate: Edi Bursan, Concord 4 years 05/04/23

Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Vacant 4 years 02/28/23

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Dave Hudson, San Ramon 2 years 06/15/24

Mark Ross, Martinez 2 years 01/06/25

Airport Land Use Commission

Joel Bryant, Brentwood 4 years 05/04/24

Vacant, Alt. 4 years 05/04/24

Carlyn Obringer, Concord 4 years 05/04/26

Gabriel “Gabe” Quinto, El Cerrito, Alt. 4 years 05/04/26

Delta Protection Commission (Shared alternately with Solano County.)

Ron Kott, Rio Vista, Solano 2 years 05/01/24

Contra Costa Countywide Redevelopment Successor Agency Oversight Board

Rita Xavier, San Pablo 2 years 06/30/24

Shanelle Scales-Preston, Pittsburg, Alt. 2 years 06/30/24

Conference Appointments

Association of Bay Area Governments

Dave Hudson, San Ramon 2 years 06/30/23

Cindy Silva, Walnut Creek 2 years 06/30/23

Lisa Motoyama, El Cerrito1st Alt. 2 years 06/30/23

Kevin Wilk, Walnut Creek, 2nd Alt. 2 years 06/30/23

Contra Costa Transportation Authority

Newell Arnerich, Danville 2 years 01/31/25

Alternate: Teresa Gerringer, Lafayette 2 years 01/31/25

Mayors Conf. Appointments (Cont.) Term Expiration

Hazardous Materials Commission

Anthony Tave, Pinole 4 years 12/31/24

Mark Ross, Martinez 4 years 12/31/23

Soheila Bana, Richmond 4 years 12/31/26

Alternate Vacant 4 years 12/31/26

Alternate: Edi Birsan, Concord 4 years 12/31/23

Alternate: Peter Cloven, Clayton 4 years 12/31/24

East Bay Regional Parks Dist. Advisory Comm.

Carlyn Obringer, Concord 2 years 12/31/24

East Bay Regional Communications System Authority Bd.

Cindy Silva, Walnut Creek 3 years 10/01/24

Alternate: Tessa Rudnick, El Cerrito 3 years 10/01/24

Scott Perkins, San Ramon 3 years 10/01/25

Alternate: Mark Ross, Martinez 3 years 10/01/25

Karen Stepper, Danville 3 years 10/01/23

Alternate: Jim Diaz, Clayton 3 years 10/01/23

East Bay Economic Dev. Alliance Exec. Comm.

Lisa Motoyama, El Cerrito 2 years 06/30/24

Karen Stepper, Danville 2 years 06/30/24

Carlyn Obringer, Concord 2 years 06/30/23

Chris Kelley, Hercules 2 years 06/30/23

Alternate: Teresa Gerringer, Lafayette 2 years 06/30/23

Contra Costa Family Justice Alliance Board of Directors

Kevin Wilk, Walnut Creek 2 years 06/30/24

Elections Citizen Advisory Committee - Paul Fadelli, El Cerrito

County-Wide Bicycle Committee - Mark Ross, Martinez

Contra Costa Central Identification Bureau – Joel Bryant - Brentwood

2022 Conference Executive Committee (All one year terms) – Conf. Chair Tom Butt, Richmond; Vice-Chair Rob Schroder, Martinez; Past Chair, Sue Noack, Pleasant Hill; Second Past Chair Gabe Quinto, El Cerrito; City Selection Committee Chair Rita Xavier, San Pablo; Teresa Gerringer, Lafayette; & Merle Craft, Pittsburg.

(If there is no term or expiration date shown, appointee serves until replaced.)