Current Agenda



C O U N T Y  M A Y O R S  C O N F E R E N C E






Thursday, April 6, 2023


Hosted by the City of Concord


Concord Senior Center, 2727 Parkside Circle, Concord, CA



The meeting will feature a presentation by The Contra Costa Transportation Authority regarding the “Redefining Mobility” summit.


 Buffet Dinner follows the Business Meeting at the same location.

 Vegetarian meal will be available, no need to specify entree.




Please RSVP by email to: Jen Chesterman at:





Dinner Reservations: Two dinners are prepaid for each City. Please RSVP with names of all attendees. Others interested in having dinner should call or email the City of Concord, as noted above, and pay for their dinner at the door or mail payment to Jen Chesterman, City of Concord, 1950 Parkside Drive. MS/01A Concord, CA 94519


Attn:  Individuals will be billed for reservations made but not cancelled by the deadline.  Dinner Cost: $70.00






Directions to Concord Senior Center

2727 Parkside Circle, Concord



From Hwy. 680 North or South


·  Take 680 to Hwy 242 to Grant St/Solano Wy

·  Exit South onto Grant St 

·  Turn left onto Bonifacio Street

·  Turn left onto Parkside Circle

·  The Concord Senior Center will be on your right. 



From Hwy. 4 East or West  


·  Exit South onto Port Chicago Hwy

·  Turn left onto Bonifacio Street

·  Turn left onto Parkside Circle

·  The Concord Senior Center will be on your right. 






C O U N T Y  M A Y O R S  C O N F E R E N C E





Hosted by the City of Concord

Concord Senior Center

2727 Parkside Circle, Concord, CA


6:30 p.m. – Thursday, April 6, 2023


Call Mayors Conference (Conference) and Contra Costa City Selection Committee (CSC) to Order, Pledge of Allegiance to Flag, & Conduct Roll Call. For CSC roll call, Mayors or representatives authorized to act on behalf of mayors, such as mayors pro tempore, and vice mayors, or a council member authorized by the city council to act in lieu of a mayor are qualified to vote as members of the CSC. A quorum of the CSC shall consist of at least 50% of the mayors or the authorized elected representatives of mayors of cities in the county. Thus, a CSC quorum will be at least ten mayors or mayor representatives.


1. Program: Presentation by Contra Costa Transportation Authority regarding the “Redefining Mobility” summit.


2. Approval of Minutes: (attached) of the March 2, 2023 Conference and City Selection Committee (CSC) meetings in Orinda.  


Action: Move to Approve Minutes of March 2, 2023 Conference and CSC meetings. 

3. Recess Mayors Conference and call CSC to order:



4. Appointment to a term ending May 4, 2024 on the Contra Costa Airport Land Use Commission. The balance of a term, ending in May 2024, is open. Nominations were solicited at the March meeting. Any mayor or council member is eligible to serve in this position. Nominations were solicited at the March meeting.


Action: There were no nominations by the agenda deadline, thus the CSC may take nominations from the floor and make an appointment to fill this position or carry the item forward for future action.


5. Call for nominations for member term on the Contra Costa Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), currently filled by Scott Perkins, San Ramon, and for an alternate member term currently filled by Edi Birsan, Concord, on LAFCO, both terms ending on May 4, 2027.  Any mayor or council member is eligible to serve in either of these positions. Nominations, specifying position nominated for, shall be filed by email with Executive Director, Gary Pokorny at no later than 5 p.m., Tuesday, April 18, 2023.


6. Recess CSC Meeting & Call Mayors Conference back to order for balance of agenda.


7. Adoption of 2023 Conference Budget: The Conference Executive Committee recommends adoption of the attached 2023 budget and schedule of meeting locations.


Action: Move to approve 2023 Mayors Conference Budget and Schedule of 2023 meetings.


8. Conference Appointee Reports:


9. Chair Announcements:


10. Mayors Announcements:


11. State and Federal Legislative Update:


12. County Supervisor Comments:


13. League of California Cities Update: Samantha “Sam” Caygill, East Bay Division Public Affairs Manager.


14. Public Communication:


15. Welcome to Concord by Mayor Laura Hoffmeister.


16. Adjourn to May 4, 2023 Meeting in San Ramon.


Deadline for May agenda is 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 18, 2023.




Brown Act Reminder: The Contra Costa Mayors Conference/City Selection Committee has a policy of complying with the letter and spirit of open meeting laws. Generally, off-agenda items maybe taken up only if:

1. Two-thirds of Conference voting members find a need for immediate action exists and the need to take action came to the attention of the Conference after the agenda was prepared (Note: If fewer than two-thirds of Conference members are present, taking up an off-agenda item requires a unanimous vote); or

2. A majority of the Conference finds an emergency (for example: work stoppage or disaster) exists.


A majority of any city council may not, consistent with the Brown Act, discuss specific substantive issues among themselves at Conference meetings. Any such discussion is subject to the Brown Act and must occur in a City Council meeting that complies with Brown Act requirements.








Meeting at Orinda Country Club.


Thursday, March 2, 2023 – 6:30 p.m.


CALL TO ORDER: Vice Chair Loella Haskew called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.


Following the Call to order and roll call, Vice-Chair Haskew asked San Ramon Vice Mayor Mark Armstrong for an update on the health status of Mayor Dave Hudson. Armstrong reported that Hudson is making good progress recovering from his stroke and hopes to be able to return to Conference meetings soon. Dave very much appreciates the signed get-well sheets from the last Conference meeting.




Antioch: Absent

Brentwood: Mayor Joel Bryant

Clayton: Mayor Jeff Wan

Concord: Mayor Laura Hoffmeister

Town of Danville: Mayor Robert Storer

El Cerrito: Mayor Lisa Motoyama

Hercules: Mayor Alex Walker-Griffin

Lafayette: Council Member Susan Candell

Martinez: Mayor Brianne Zorn

Moraga: Mayor Renata Sos

Oakley: Mayor Aaron Meadows

Orinda: Mayor Inga Miller

Pinole: Mayor Devin Murphy

Pittsburg: Mayor Shanelle Scales-Preston

Pleasant Hill: Mayor Timothy Flaherty

Richmond: Council Member Cesar Zepeda

San Pablo: Mayor Abel Pineda

San Ramon: Vice Mayor Mark Armstrong

Walnut Creek: Mayor Cindy Silva


Presiding: Conference Vice Chair: Loella Haskew


The above delegates comprised a quorum for the meetings.


1. Presentation: Marguerite Young, Ward 3 Director, and Sophia Skoda, Director of Finance for East Bay MUD provided an overview regarding the 2023-’25 Operating and Capital Investment budgets, including rate changes needed to support them, and planned District 100th Anniversary events.


2. Approval of Minutes of the February 2, 2023 Mayors Conference (Conference) and City Selection Committee (CSC) meetings:


Action: Motion to approve the minutes of the February 2, 2023 Conference and CSC meetings passed. Voting aye were delegates from Brentwood, Clayton, Concord, Danville, El Cerrito, Hercules, Lafayette, Martinez, Moraga, Oakley, Orinda, Pinole, Pittsburg, Pleasant Hill, Richmond, San Pablo, San Ramon, and Walnut Creek. Antioch was absent.


3. Conference Vice Chair Haskew recessed the Conference Meeting and CSC Vice Chair Walker-Griffin called the CSC to order for item 4.


4. Call for nominations for a term ending May 4, 2024 on the Contra Costa Airport Land Use Commission. The term previously filled by Vincent Salimi, no longer a city elected official, is open. Any mayor or council member is eligible to serve in this position. Nominations shall be filed by email with Executive Director, Gary Pokorny at no later than 5 p.m., Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

5. CSC Meeting recessed & Vice Chair Haskew called the Mayors Conference back to order for the balance of the agenda.

6. Conference Appointee Reports: Sue Noack noted that she attended her first MTC meeting and that MTC has appointed Andrew Fremier as the new Executive Director of MTC and ABAG. Carlyn Obringer noted that the Economic Development Alliance received an excellent presentation from the Public Policy Institute regarding workforce changes highlighting the shortage of workers in many critical areas. She also noted that the Regional Parks District has received needed grant funding that will enable the District to undertake expanded wildfire mitigation efforts in critical areas. Anthony Tave reported that the Hazardous Materials Commission is investigating the root causes of the Martinez refinery releases and will recommend corrective measures. Soheila Bana noted that the Commission is teaming up with the Center for Creative Land Recycling to work with cities such as Richmond that have contaminated lands and will be organizing a workshop for all cities soon on this important topic.


7. Chair Announcements: None.


8. Mayor Announcements: Mayor Tim Flaherty announced that Pleasant Hill has appointed Alan Vincent to their open Council seat and introduced him to the Conference. He also noted that Pleasant Hill has been notified of a demand that they must adopt district elections for council and will decide how to respond. Shanelle Scales-Preston wished all a happy Women’s History Month and recognized and thanked all of the women serving as council members and mayors. Devon Murphy announced that Pinole has entered into a contract with Consolidated Fire District to reopen Station 74 that serves Pinole Valley property both in the City of Pinole and in the County. Lisa Motoyama thanked all who came to the memorial service celebrating Janet Abelson’s life of service.


 9. State and Federal Legislative Update: Congressman Mark DeSaulnier spoke about efforts in Contra Costa County that he believes are an outstanding example of local leadership on gun violence reduction. He hopes to make this a model for reducing gun violence nation-wide. He also noted that even though his district no longer covers the entire county he intends to work with and for all of the cities in the county. Senator Steve Glazer commented on newly introduced legislation he is working on for the new session and announced several town hall meetings in the district.


10. County Supervisor Announcements: None.


11.  League of California Cities Update: Sam Caygill noted 2,632 bills have been introduced in the new legislative session. Many would affect cities and League staff is analyzing all of them for possible positions. Key areas are funding for housing and homelessness, Brown Act reform, possible changes to lower the threshold for serious charges for petty theft and shoplifting, and various land use and housing bills. She announced various League events.


12. Public Comments:  Mark Foley gave an update on upcoming BART track replacement projects that will affect service. Bus bridges will be utilized during this work.


13. Welcome to Orinda by Mayor Inga Miller. Mayor Miller introduced current council members, past mayors, and city staff and thanked the Orinda Country Club for hosting the meeting.


14. Adjourn Conference to April 6, 2023 meeting in Concord. Vice Chair Haskew adjourned the meeting.








DATE: March 23, 2023


To: Mayors Conference Board


FROM: Gary F. Pokorny, Executive Director





Mayors Conference bylaws provide that an annual budget shall be prepared by the Executive Director, reviewed by the Executive Committee, and then presented to the full Conference Board for adoption. The attached budget is recommended by the Executive Committee and presented for review and adoption by full Board.




Attached is the proposed 2023 Conference Budget. The proposed operating expenditures are somewhat higher than budgeted for 2022 primarily due to resumption of in-person meetings. The 2022 actual experience shown in the attached budget reflects expenditures that are slightly higher than experienced in 2021 since we resumed in-person meetings in December 2022 while all meetings in 2021 were virtual meetings.


In person meetings are expected to continue for 2023 and have the effect of increasing operating expenses to a level reflecting pre-pandemic experience. Payments due from member cities for 2022 will thus be closer to more “normal” pre-pandemic years. Other changes are that the Zoom license payments are discontinued and the budget assumes the elimination of the voluntary reduction in compensation for the Executive Director that was in effect during the pandemic period when meetings were virtual meetings.


The experience of the first four in-person meetings since December has shown that the pre-Covid meal charge of $55 per meal is insufficient in today’s catering and restaurant market. Based on the experience of the four cities this budget recommends that we increase the meal allowance to $70 per meal. This change will increase the amount each city has to pay for pre-paid meals going forward, and has the effect of reducing the “subsidy” that each host city would otherwise be providing for all meals if we stayed at the $55 level. I have tested this recommendation with members of the Public Managers Association and uniformly they share in this recommendation based on their recent experience.


There is still a significant carry-over balance in the pre-paid meals line item from pre-Covid times. Thus, this budget asks cities to pay for only 6 months of meals at the new price point in 2023. This amount, added to the carry-over, will allow the Conference to pay for 12 months of meals for 2023.


If this budget is adopted, operating dues will be somewhat higher than recent years and similar to pre-pandemic levels while the meals pre-payment increase will be modest this year due to the carry-forward of previous years pre-payments. This budget is premised on the assumption that we will continue to meet in person for all of 2023.


When invoices are submitted to member cities for 2023, each city will see a small increase in payments due for 2023 compared to payments for 2022 for the reasons cited above.




The Conference bylaws provide that a schedule of meeting locations for each upcoming year be adopted by the full Conference Board. Such a schedule is attached below.


Action: Move to adopt the Attached Mayors Conference 2023 budget and schedule of meeting locations.

















                   2021                2022                  2022                     2023        BUD.- BUD.

                 ACTUAL      BUDGET               Actual              PROPOSED        CHANGE





Ex. Dir.                28,800                30,000                29,067                 32,000              2,000


Auto Exp.               -0-                      150                        41          400               250


Web/Phone          508                  525                        509                    525                 -0-  


Supplies        445                 550                  503                            600                      50


Meet. Exp.          194                  300                  288                        1320        1020


Training          -0-                  -0-                        -0-                  -0-                    -0-


Contingency          -0-                      350                      -0-               350                        -0-                                  ____________________________________________________________________


Exp. Sub-tot.          29,947        31,875          30,408        35,195              3,320


P.-Pd. Dinners  -0-                -0-                          2,090             31920             25,080 


TOTAL EXP.        29,947        31,875          32,498        67,115          28,400




Dues                34,000        32,000          32,000        35,195                3,195


P.-Pd. Din.          -0-                          -0-                      -0-                        15,960        15,960                                                                                            


Int. Income.              9                              10                          9                        10                -0-                         


Total Rev.          34,009          32,010          32,009        51,165              19,155


Note: This budget assumes we will pay $70 per pre-paid meal for the full year and if adopted the Conference will increase reimbursemant for all cities for all 2023 meetings.







April 6, Concord

May 4, San Ramon

June 1, Oakley

July 6, Moraga

August 3, Lafayette

September 7, Clayton

October 5, Pleasant Hill

November 2, Brentwood

December 7, San Ramon


January 4, Antioch

February 1, El Cerrito

March 7, Martinez

April 4, Danville


Note that these dates and locations are as scheduled in early 2023 and may change by virtue of cities trading hosting dates between and among themselves to accommodate special opportunities or needs.